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Don't Come Closer by raru-tan Don't Come Closer by raru-tan
You want to fix me, push me
Into your fantasy
You try to give me, sell me
A new personality

You try to lift me
I don't get better
What's making you happy
is making me sadder

In your golden cage, all I feel is
Strange, strange
In your perfect world, so
Strange, strange
I feel so absurd in this life
Don't come closer
in my arms forever you'll be
Strange, strange
Like me

Tokio Hotel ft. Kerli - Strange…

Remember how I said I wouldn't use that new colouring style very often? I lied.
How have I gone this many years without using SAI's brush tool? OMG, I love digital painting now.

Anyway, this is a new OC, named Gwendolyn <3
She was born with the ability to manipulate and create fire, but she has very little control over it and her powers react with her emotions. She doesn't want to be seen as a monster so she has to suppress her emotions in order to be normal and not hurt anyone.
This song gives me so many feels for her :iconlazycryplz:
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December 23, 2013
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