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Blue-eyed Rat by raru-tan Blue-eyed Rat by raru-tan
Update: Process video available on Youtube:… c:

The really cool thing about this piece, is I had no idea what I was doing :iconimsotiredplz:

But I can't explain how happy I am right now.
The one drawing of Clyde that actually looks exactly hoW HE'S SUPPOSED TO //faints
Okay maybe his expression isn't as dramatic as I pictured, but still, close enough!

This is like, ACTUALLY CLYDE. Not that rando Clyde-wannabe guy I've been drawing all this time.

*counts to ten and takes deep breaths*

Ah, so, reason for the title, here we go. Story time! So around the time when Clyde was starting to cause a lot of trouble and get the attention of the kingdom's authorities, "Rat" became a nickname for him among the officers who had crossed paths with him. It was meant to show how they see him as a just a pest that needed to be taken care of, but at the same time meant that he was sneaky and untrustworthy. As he got older and more fiiiiiiiiiine well-known, in other kingdoms as well, people there began to call him "The Blue-eyed Rat". Taking an interest in him for the contrast of his good looks and the appalling things he's rumored to have done. A blue-eyed rat is still a rat and a pretty criminal is still a criminal. Clyde himself finds it hilarious the amount of attention that he's getting, partially for things that he never even did. He often mocks the situation, claiming to be the heart kingdom's only celebrity. THE END.

Feedback and constructive criticism would be very appreciated! Especially regarding the digital painting technique. It'd be really great to get some advice or some pointers! c:

I feel the need to add little extras every time I post something.
So, here's the version with flat colours:
And here's the very special sketch:
The lines are very well done! Same as the shading. The expression was caught quite nicley and the wounds are pretty good but could use a little more pop. The eyes are nice but they are a little off but the colour is nice. The background is plain and simple. Very well done. Sure a more detailed background would have been nice but this fits it just enough with the character. Keep up the really nice work. I really did enjoy the piece :heart:


P.S.- I love the character and he is adorable! His hair looks so fluffe *pets* <3
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Oh my. I really, really like this. It just looks really good. Much handsome. Very Clyde.
Anyway, you did a really great job on this! The color palette is fab; all of the colors look great together and it's very pleasing to the eye. I love that smug smile on his face and just his expression in general. And his hair! I really like all of the different colored strands, especially the random blue ones here and there.
My only really big issue with this piece is that he sort of looks like he's melting; the lines go from being really sharp and there being a lot of detail to smudgy and and not quite as clean when you get down to his shirt/jacket. I feel like it would have turned out a bit better if the jacket was done similarly to hair and face. As of right now it has sort of a melted effect to it.
Apart from that, this is a really great piece of work! Probably one of my favorites of yours.
Keep up the good work, love.
What do you think?
The Artist thought this was FAIR
6 out of 6 deviants thought this was fair.

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January 13, 2014
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